* Steps to Become an Amazing Kisser

* Steps to Become an Amazing Kisser

This entails how to become an amazing kisser by today’s standards. This will help those just starting to date with pleasing their significant other.

Step 1:

Make sure your that your breath smells good so you don’t gross her/him out. Practice good dental hygiene and always carry breath mints or mint breath spray and remember gum will temporally make your breath smell good and make you taste good to the girl/guy your kissing or making out with.

Step 2:

Moisten your lips slightly by either dabbing on a little lip balm or lightly licking your lips but don’t make them messy or like sobbing wet because that is just gross no matter who your kissing.

Step 3:

Angle your head so that when you lean in to kiss, your head does not collide with your partner’s head and seriously if you really want them to be “Excited” than guys put your hand behind the girls neck or on her side but try to avoid touching any sexual areas before she wants you to..

Step 4:

Part your lips slightly and lean forward so that you are closer to your partner’s face and for gods sake don’t use your tongue right off the bat, at least wait until you have kissed 5 or 6 times than you can use your tongue with no worries.

Step 5:

Keep your eyes open as you approach your partner and maintain eye contact, once u have started to kiss close your eyes because staring isn’t polite and will make your partner uncomfortable.

Step 6:

Start with a gentle and soft closed-mouth kiss. Lightly caress your partner’s lips with your lips and be receptive of the response you get, but don’t like go grabbing for your partners sexual body parts just yet. You can wait a couple minutes for that.

Step 7:

Hold your partner’s face and/or lightly stroke their hair in a loving manner, this gets them excited and ready for anything that might be happening after kissing.

Step 8:

Concentrate on the kiss and enjoy the experience.

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Steve, posted this comment on Jul 17th, 2008

absolutely amazing tips. thanks mate!

Kim, posted this comment on May 17th, 2009

Wow this really helped with my boyfriend i was so nerves so i looked up how to do it and it turned out great! thanx so much for these great tips!

Erik, posted this comment on Jul 11th, 2009

i already knew all of this :( i just wanna perfect it more…

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